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We built Blueberry Creative firmly around the concept of inspiration. It’s fleeting and hard to nail down, but when you can grasp true inspiration, you enable yourself to build something that transcends your day-to-day. It’s the reason to be an artist of any sort. It is the catalyst for the exceptional and it is the engine that powers our work.

We think it’s more important for you to know why we’re called to produce the work that we do. Of course, we’re passionate about cameras and story-telling and art and technology. That’s a given. It’s seeking inspiration to pair with that passion that motivates us to continually push our own limits creatively.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of our work in both weddings and the commercial world. Nothing is more important to us than the final product we deliver to our clients.

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We're not typical. We promise we never will be.

We love the process of working with our clients to create unique and meaningful memories for present and future generations.


I am the youngest of seven children and the only connection between two gigantic families stretching from North Carolina to Oregon and even into Vancouver, Canada. Collectively, I am ‘Uncle Adam’ to eight nieces and one nephew. All this to say, family is important to me. It’s the most valuable asset I have.

I’ve been an ‘artist’ for as long as I can recall. I’ve always loved to sketch and I fell in love with writing while I was in high school. While attending UNCW, I pursued a degree in Film Studies with a minor in Theatre. After college, I moved to New York City where I worked too many jobs, most of which revolved around commercial film work and theatre.

I love to travel and find new adventures. I'm obsessed with good music and movies. Things I also love: Coffee, cats, and sports of all sorts.


I’m from Charlotte.  Well, kind of.  I spent a lot of my childhood in between Mount Holly (nestled on the outskirts of Charlotte) and my grandparent’s farm in Elkin (near Winston Salem).  My grandfather taught me how to drive tractors while my grandmother (and mother) taught me how to cook.  I don’t drive nearly as many tractors these days, but I’m the resident chef at Blueberry Creative!

I came to Wilmington to attend UNCW for dental school where I had the fortunate luck of rooming with a host of Film majors.  Soon enough, I found myself switching my major to Studio Art.

Recently, I became engaged and am planning the next adventure in my life!  The wedding planning experience has definitely helped me understand the nuances of synchronizing such a complex event and I completely commiserate with the couples we work with!